Student Testimonials

Giulia Manzoni (Italy) – These five months in Canada have been very intense and special for me. I grew up a lot and I learned many new things that staying in Italy, I could never learn. I liked the school very much, for the strategic location (1 hour from Toronto, 25 min from Niagara Falls and US), for its attractions and for the security. Although the city where I lived (St. Catharines), is smaller than my city, it was very good especially because there is always something to do, to see and to try. 

The first three months, I was at the home of a lady who, although sometimes took me to know new places, I decided to change with a real family, to end my experience in the best way. The last two months, I think were the best because I finally feel part of a family. I was also very lucky because I could share some of my experience with my host sister Diana, a girl from South Korea. She helped me right away to settle into a new home and teach me the rules of our family. This family was very similar to my Italian family, so I had a very good time and I often thought I was at my home for the same shared values that these two families have. I hope one day to see my second family again either in Canada or in Italy because I will miss them a lot and I will never stop thinking about them. Thanks to them, I finished my experience in the best way because they always treated me like their daughter and for me this was very special. 

In these months I attended “St. Catharines Collegiate”, a high school where I met many people who opened my mind about other cultures and other countries. The school offered me many different courses that I could choose based on my passions and what I liked. All the courses taught me something new, although I would have preferred to have an English class of a higher level. I also managed to practice the sport that I like so much. I was part of the basketball and volleyball team of my school.

In conclusion, I spent some very nice months here that I will never forget. It was wonderful experience thanks to the family, friends, school and the growth that I had.

My name is Avery Chiu and I’m a student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in St Catharines. I came from Hong Kong three years ago in Grade 8. Niagara Student Services agent, Javad is very helpful during my adjusting time to the new environment. He communicates well with both the student and the parents, knowing both arrival and departure times of the student’s flights. Javad is always there for the students. Even though the change of environment was challenging, Javad helped me get used to my new home here. Niagara Student Services has great agents who help ESL students have the best experience in Canada. I appreciate the services they have provided.

My name is Ella Qian, I’m from China, I came to Canada in 2016, I am studying at Westlane Secondary school. During these years, Niagara Students Services helped me a lot. They helped me find nice host family which is most suitable for me, He also helped me with the documents, I think Niagara Students Services is reliable. When I have troubles in my daily life, Niagara Students Services always helped me solve a lot of difficulties in time. Niagara Students Services held a variety of interesting activities during the holidays and festivals, and I made many friends during these events. Niagara Students Services gave me a warmth like home, I was very touched. It also provided help to my studies and give me advice about my school work. Without Niagara Students Services help, my life will have many difficulties. I am very grateful. I think sometimes our relationship is like a family. Choosing Niagara Students Services is definitely the right decision I have made.

My name is Hanh Neguyen, I am an international student from Vietnam attending Collegiate High School in St Catharines, Ontario. I have been an international student in Canada for over 2 years now, and I have had a wonderful journey. This wonderful experience has been possible with help of Niagara Student Services. I was unfamiliar with many things in the beginning, Niagara Student Services guided me and I quickly adapted to the flow of life in Canada. I want to say thank you to Niagara Student Services, you really gave me the chance to have the greatest experience in Canada!

My name is Thu Pham and I’m from Vietnam. I came to Canada for education in 2017 with the help from Niagara Student Services. I was studying in Grade 11 at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. Niagara Student Service provided me the custodian service and found homestay for me. During my studies, I had the Hakimi family as my homestay host and I had such an amazing experience. They took care of me really well, both my daily life and my school activities plus they taught me a lot of things that I found useful for living in Canada. Occasionally, Niagara Student Services organizes parties or activities to help new coming students make friends and get to know each other. Now I’m studying at Canadore College, majoring in Dental Hygiene. So far, I love the program and what I had learned during 2 years in high school has helped me to take care of myself. I’m so grateful and I’m sure that Niagara Student Service is a great choice for international students.

Host Family Testimonials

Our first month with our student has been great. She is often at school and studying hard however taking time to make friends and socialize. I think she is fitting in very nicely with everything. Here is a picture of she and I took the other day to send to her family.


We are enjoying our time with the girls. I am so glad that we have opened up our home for Homestay and look forward to being a continued part of this.


Loved the experience and my students are amazing young ladies. I will be sad to see them go. 

Thank you for the opportunity. 


We have enjoyed having these girls in our home.  We don’t have any complaints whatsoever.  I hope they have learned a bit of Canadian culture staying with us!


I think this is a very good program for the international students.  It not only helps them improve their English quicker and they learn about our culture it also gives the host families the experience of meeting and learning about other countries that they may never be able to travel to.

I have been a host mom for 20+ years and have had some extremely wonder times with the students.  Some of the students have returned to visit and others have kept in touch over the years.

You did a great job with my placement; she is a very lovely girl.  Keep up the good work and I hope you will consider me in the future for another placement.

-Charlotte Windrow

We are very happy with the match you made for us with Jihee. She is lovely and very open and receptive to our home, food, and dogs! I cannot find anything in the program that I dislike. It is wonderful how involved she is with different events and activities within the program. I enjoy seeing how engaged she is with Canadian culture. 


My students (Mariana and Kareen) are awesome, they are very friendly and I don’t have any problems with either one of them, they eat whatever I cooked everyday, last Tuesday we visited my sister family in Niagara Falls and we had a picnic dinner at their place and after that they watched fireworks, they had a good time with my family that day.
My family will miss them once the program is over, we’re still willing to joint the program next time. 

-Mary Jean and Rodrigo