Alison: Our experience was Excellent. We can truly say that we only had a positive experience with Ji Youn. She was respectful, polite, and just a delight to have in our home. Our children enjoyed having her in our home, and she was incredible with both of our children. We enjoyed having her friends over to visit, and she was very enthusiastic about any new experiences we introduced her to. We learned a lot about her life in Korea, and she learned about our life here. Ji Youn actually phoned us upon her return home, and extended an invitation to our family to come and stay with her family in Korea.

Sylvia: We had a wonderful experience with our 2 Korean students. The best part was learning about another culture and being able to show them ours; they played well with our children and were interested in their activities. They were very well behaved and a delight to have in our home.

Lisa: We had a great time. Our kids really enjoyed Dai Hon being with us.

Barb: It was interesting to have a Korean student in our home, at times it was a struggle to understand each other, but we seemed to manage.

Heather: He fit in with our family very well.